I divided my thumbnails into 5 categories.

1-4  Funny
5-10 One illustration(simple)
11-13 small icon
14-16 an extra catch line
17-20 its original logo in a big size


-Disigning phase    

Since I saw a few parts of Imago’s Zoozoo performance, I’ve thought that this is something what families can enjoy altogether. Even a child at the age of 2 can sense something funny and mysterious in the dark. My consistent image through all 20 works is that the animals and the creatures on the show are cute and funny, but mysterious and distant from men.


Half of my thumbnails are wordless aside from important information because I thought the no-word style coincides with the performance itself. And I wanted the background black as the stage. I myself prefer simple and practice design especially when it is an informative poster, so I put all obligatory information on the bottom, as in general. The bottom is where I always look for the vital information about the show.


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