Organic Tea Packaging Design

-Final design


Based on the opinion I got on the critique, I tried to mix the first and second design elements together. What I wanted to keep in the second one is the shape, the position of the product name, and the broard negative space. Also I wanted to show something exotic in the sense of Moroccan atmosphere.

The wave in the bottom part represents the dessert and also a movement. I thought about the background colour if it might look like the green sky, but I decided to keep it because I usually don’t ponder about what the image is when I purchase the tea. The first impression which customers get when they glance at the product in the shelf might be that it is something green and looks like a simple illustration which is more important to me.



Since the tea is morning refreshing tea, I wanted to use a bright colour somehow which makes people awake. So I took the orange in inside background as I liked the previous orange. When customers open it, the cheery colour automaticaly come to their eyes. Until they open it, they don’t see the orange and misunderstand it.

I intentionally showed the inside color in the lid so that it doesn’t get moved or shifted when the products are put upon another. This is an idea I got while building up the box.

Uploaded on Nov, 8


2 designs I submitted on the critique were the one which was based on the design below and the one I uploaded just now(organicdesing_2_1024). I liked the second one better because it presents my own taste more, but it has a problem that the its bright orange colour does not appear like a green mint tea product. So that was I need to fix.

Uploaded on Oct, 24


This is my first package design for the organic tea. What I though about the reusable plan is split the box up and use it as a pencil stand.I’m having a difficulty with the color picking. It’s hard to find out how to choose the good color that is cohesive with the Moroccan pattern on the right side. Also finding what’s “Western” is tough than I had thought.  Does it come from the style of fonts or color or the positions?

Uploaded on Oct, 11

Refference: Moroccan tea cultureWorld of Moroccan Tea History(Japanese)Morrocan Pattern

Uploaded on Sep, 25

  • Heinz

Heinz, an American food company best known for its ketchup, is one of the companies which cares environmental issues. Seen in every grocery store, its ketchups are certified organic by USDA.

Heinz is now making design changes to reduce the weight and thickness of can bodies. Once testing for strength and performance is complete, we intend to adopt the more environmentally friendly cans in other markets where we sell canned products, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.


Refference: Heinz – Waste Reduction

  • Amazon

Amazon is not a manufacturer, but it ships tons of the products ordered on-line. Its way of shipment is focused on environmental practices. Amazon practices green policies not by a package design, but a software.

Amazon has developed a software program that determines the “right-sized” box
for any given item to be shipped to a customer, based on that item’s dimensions
and weight. As a result, the number of packages shipped in a wrong-sized box has
decreased dramatically, significantly reducing packaging waste and
transportation costs.

Amazon’s brown containers and air-filled pillows which we get used to see are  100% recyclable, and each customer can rate its green level on the web.

Icons above are those which are attached to green product selections. EPEAT® (the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), ENERGY STAR®, WaterSense and USDA Organic.

Refference: Amazon and Our Planet

  • Ariston

These are a balsamic vinegar and an olive oil of Ariston, a Greece oil company. Ariston introduces a refill system. When I consumed all the content, I can bring in to the store I bought, and can purchase again as the refill in a cheaper price.

Uploaded on Sep, 20


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