Imago ZooZoo Poster


This is my final version of Imago ZooZoo poster.

After critiques I removed the rabbit ears above, and tried to let the poster overall simpler, but being simple is harder than I had thought.  My designing process is not complicated, but sometimes I feel lost in the meaning of simple. I needed to give up some ideas because I can not realize my thumbnails technically. Some of my rough drafts including Zoozoo_02rikako_copy(below) are too much divided to 2 parts which I inclined to. To keep the final version coherent and put more impact on logo, I picked a bright pink color from the rabbit ears and put them in “oo”.

A point to ponder.. watching some videos of Imago ZooZoo, I was attaching the idea of the black background, but I feel like it did not necessarily have to be in that way.

Technically, cropping a shape from a photography was a challenge to me since I sill don’t get how to use Pen tool properly. (but soon I will improve in it..) I abrupt several times not knowing how to bring an effect which I want to, but Illustrator’s “Help” is much more helpful and easier to catch up than the softwares of Microsoft. It was interesting.

Uploaded on Sep, 26


  • clipping mask, outer glow, create outlines, grouping, transparency,
  • CMD+Y /view outline
  • +shift /45,90 rotate

Uploaded on Sep, 26

Zoozoo_01rikako copy

Zoozoo_02rikako copy

Uploaded on Sep, 20


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