Identity Project – Library ID


These are my finals in library logo. Making up logos was quite a different process as a poster, an advertisement, and a box package. The more I spent time in looking the big company logos, the more I got noticed the background meaning in it. Professional logo designers are just great.

I inclined to make a geometric design and actually I liked it, but I wanted to add a warm atmosphere in the library logo because it is a community place too. Moreover, the architecture is something unique which only Maryville college library has, so I used it in shape. I’m glad I made up something warm and still firm image in my logo because the librarians seemingly wanted to appeal that the library has a modern technology support for student. The geometric shape helps to look like something modern, I hope.

Uploaded on Dec, 6


I missed a critique yesterday, but I want to share my 5 logo designs I had planned to submit.
Although the librarians did not strongly imply that the library logo has to do something in common with the college logo, I thought it important to make a similar image with the college’s one- at least that people may think that it is not a stranger.

No.1 – It represents the book and mountains, a big identity in Maryville.
No.2-No.4 – I picked the same color with the college logo. What I really wanted to show in these 3 are the shape of the old architecture which is also an identity of the library. And also books, of course. I tried to make it really simple line, as the most of the great logos are simple, never complicated.
No.5 – It represents also the books.

What I found difficult until now is that I could not escape from the image of books to make up library logos. The librarians are proud of their technology, IT equipment and the feeling of “We are always here for you”, but I could not build up the design without books. The rough designs I created before didn’t look like library logos without books. Therefore I focused on books and its another and seemingly unique identity, the building, which is an impressive symbol in the college.

Uploaded on Nov, 15


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