These are my finals of “Faith” and “Imagination.” It was my favorite project. I enjoyed designing, coloring, and shaping.
What I realized is that a software like Illustrator itself inspires us a lot. Even on the process of creating rough drafts on computer, I found out many possibilities I can make up from the rough point.

And this is a “Faith” I want to leave in here because I really liked the contrast which my final does not. The reason why I did not choose this one for my final is that the final represents more what Voltaire’s quote – “Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”- means. I wanted to keep the vertical quotes in background because of the word “consists”, which says about an existence.

I’m not sure why Jpg file of “Imagination” is way too brighter than the original pdf file. I changed the positions a lot for the readability. I was thinking that what matters first is how to express the quote with the type. Though, since it is the typography, the readability is more important and I almost changed how it looks in the first impression. The colors, red, yellow and green, represent the traffic light to show a message “Turn the Imagination on.”

Uploaded on Dec 5.




Uploaded on Nov 22.



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