To English readers

As you may know, the largest earthquake (M9.0) ever in Japan hit the northeast coast on March 11th.

According to the media on 17th, more than 380,000 people are now in serious trouble, suffering from many things including lack of electricity, water, and gas, inability to confirm their family’s safety, and huge fear of subsequent aftershocks.
Although the quake is over now, the struggles are not; Japan now faces a severe rebuilding process.

I, as a Japanese living in the small town in East Tennessee, wondered how I could support them from the U.S.
What is needed in worst-tsunami-hit area is currently various, such as blankets, water, baby formula, and gasoline. But sooner or later the aids will be supplied from the other parts of Japan or rescue groups from the official agencies. What is needed, from a long-term standpoint, is money.

Therefore, I and some friends started to make donation boxes and set them in a few local restaurants and shops around Knoxville and Maryville. So far the donations collected reached over $13,000 as of August 2nd. We really appreciate the citizens here who raised them. Some of them are so compassionate to share our grief due to this disaster. We will do whatever we can for fundraising, but the number of people who can see these boxes is unfortunately pretty limited.

I ask you to donate for Japanese relief, so that we can reconstruct our devastated areas by tsunami and earthquakes.
These are trustworthy websites which show how to help us in the right way.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: How To Help Charity Navigator
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: How to Help New York Times

I couldn’t figure out what is going on CNN, when I got up on that Friday.
Why does the broadcaster keep on saying “Japan”, “Sendai”, and tsunami? What is this cruel image on TV? Why is he saying the word “Iwate” where my friends live in?
It took me a few days to believe this is a reality and to take an action.

As we have overcome two destructive earthquakes in recent years, Hanshin and Nigata-Chuetsu, I’m pretty sure that we will recover. 100% for sure.
But we need your collaboration. Give us a courage to stand up again.


Action for Japan -ET


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